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What’s it about?

You're a skateboarding bird who tries their best.

Oh, how does it play?

Where do I get it?

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Ok, tell me more

Grind on bendy straws, kickflip over staplers, and carve killer lines through cardboard and sticky tape parks, in SKATEBIRD®!

You’re a lonely lil’ bird, and your Big Friend has hung up their board for good. Their job sucks, and lately, they’re barely ever home to play with you. You’re gonna fix all that with the power of being a chill little skateboarding bird. You may be tiny, but the more you skate, the more friends you’ll make. Birds will come check out your park, help you find more parks, and together you’ll (somehow) fix Big Friend’s life!
  • Explore lots of bird-sized parks, with simple controls familiar to any pro skating tiny hawk.
  • Find fancy clothing, secret mixtapes of new music, birds that need your help, and more!
  • Skate to an original low-fi birb-hop soundtrack!

And if you bail, you just get back up - because above all else, skate birds try their best!


gameplay screenshot
gameplay screenshot
gameplay screenshot
gameplay screenshot
gameplay screenshot
gameplay screenshot


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clickable image for clothes with the game logo and imagery
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Ok, but tell me MORE more

SkateBIRD was our first, mmmm, breakthrough hit? Kinda? The whole thing started because of my partner showing me a GIF of a skateboarding bird. It's real! They can actually be taught to skateboard! See? They even enjoy it! It's enrichment. The way parrots work, either you teach them things and play with them, or they entertain themselves (mostly by destroying anything you hold dear out of pure spite), and I guarantee you'll regret just not teaching them to skateboard at that point.

But anyways, initially we put together this goofy little prototype, and people liked it? Did great on Twitter. So then we did a Kickstarter, and that went great! Not our first Kickstarter by any stretch, we funded Hot Tin Roof that way too, but this one went a lot bigger. Then uh, COVID sorta hit, and everything got weird. We're a virtual studio though, so we just sorta trucked through, and surfed the changes. Digital festivals suited us fine and we were well situated to roll out demos and such because we'd already done that Kickstarter with a prototype, and that all went uh, pretty good for us!

What’s the latest news?

2.0 launch, we're DONE! Also, you can get a plushie!
News skatebird announce
SkateBIRD's OST is now on cassette tapes! and more!
News skatebird announce
Limited Run Games is doing boxed copies for SkateBIRD on Switch!
News skatebird announce
SkateBIRD 1.7 is live! Free content update!
News skatebird
SkateBIRD is OUT! It's done! Finally!
News skatebird announce launch
SkateBIRD's launch is delaying to September 16
News skatebird delay
SkateBIRD demo is up for the last time!
News skatebird demo festival
There's a SkateBIRD demo up on Steam! Give it a try!
News skatebird demo festival
You can go download a demo of SkateBIRD RIGHT NOW
News skatebird demo festival
SkateBIRD playable as part of the 2019 VGAs
News skatebird demo festival
SkateBIRD Spoopy Combo
News skatebird announce
Wanna try SkateBIRD? We put out a public alpha demo!
News skatebird demo announce
SkateBIRD at PAX East 2019, in the Indie MEGABOOTH!
News skatebird demo festival
SkateBIRD is announced!
News skatebird announce