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Privacy Policy

We don’t store your data, period.

We physically can’t. We don’t even have a database on our server that we could store it in. The closest we’ve got are those progression “beat the first boss!” achievements that Steam/etc tracks, which can sorta tell us how far people are able to get into our games.

We used to use Unity 3D (on SkateBIRD and prior games), and you can see their GDPR and privacy statements here: - though we moved fully to another engine in 2023, and at Unity version 2020, meaning whatever weird bullshit they eventually sneak back in here shouldn’t apply to our games.

Games after SkateBIRD use Unreal, and you can see their privacy statement here:

Video Monetization Policy

If you have a channel on YouTube, Twitch, or a similar video sharing site, Glass Bottom Games grants you permission to monetize your videos of our games through those sites. This includes Let’s Plays, reviews, guides, and other fun videos that contain footage from our games. To clarify, this covers SKATEBIRD®, Spartan Fist, Hot Tin Roof, Jones On Fire, and any future Glass Bottom Games games, unless otherwise specified.

You may not, however, sell the footage, license the footage to someone else, or sell/claim ownership of any part of the games themselves (including, but not limited to, art/music assets and code). If you want to do something like this, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Oh, and a link to the game’s website in your video’s description/etc is always appreciated. Thanks!

Also, this is not an original policy or anything, it’s a very slightly modified version of Mosssmouth’s Video Monetization policy:


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Glass Bottom Games, LLC, is not associated with Sparrow Townsend or any of her projects or activities, including but not limited to her ‘Skatebirds’ project. Sparrow Townsend has not participated in the development of, reviewed, approved, or endorsed Glass Bottom Games’ SKATEBIRD® video game, any associated goods and services, or any other product, good or service provided by Glass Bottom Games, LLC.