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Jones On Fire

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What’s it about?

A high-speed 2-button infinite running game of kitty saving and flame evading! This is the prequel to Hot Tin Roof - see where the story of Jones and Franky begins.

Oh, what does it look like?

Where do I get it?


Ok, tell me more

Become Emma Jones, firefighter extraordinaire, tough cookie and kitten lover. Beat 10 levels of dangerous mountain terrain, improving Jones’ skills with every fluffy life saved. Strive for ever higher scores, and gain the adoration of millions of cats!
  • Fast, frenetic, side-scrolling fun
  • Intuitive controls
  • Juicy running and jumping physics
  • Fun in short bursts, but addictive enough for longer plays
  • Upgrade Jones with increasingly spiffy fire-fighting skills
  • Blocky, retro visuals with just a touch of the modern
  • Rockin' tunes

Save the kitties! You’re their only hope!


gameplay screenshot
gameplay screenshot
gameplay screenshot
gameplay screenshot
gameplay screenshot

What’s the history, here?

This was our studio's first successful(-ish) commercial game! This was the game we - well, I, hello, I'm Megan, studio founder, writing all of this - made after a bunch of failed initial efforts that meant I had to let everyone go. Had to figure out what kind of game that just I could make, alone. Ended up finding some help on the music, thankfully! Nathan Madsen joined at this point and did all but one of the tracks, and he's stuck with us ever since. The only reason this game is on Steam is because as part of the Hot Tin Roof launch, they let us include this as a bonus for purchasers of Hot Tin Roof. The idea was it would make a nice Deluxe Edition, but weird extra bonus was now it was just a normal game on Steam, and it did alright?

This was originally a premium mobile game, and made essentially nothing on Android/iOS. $4k USD, something like that. Eventually, on Steam, it made way more! Enough to turn a moderate profit! GOSH! Oh and it was also on the Wii U, believe it or not. Remember that thing? Yeah!

What’s the latest news?

Now on Steam (alongside Hot TIn Roof)!
News jones on fire launch
Jones On Fire has released on GooglePlay... without any IAPs!
News jones on fire launch