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SkateBIRD playable as part of the 2019 VGAs

SkateBIRD playable as part of the 2019 VGAs

News skatebird demo festival

The Video Game Awards are a thing, and this year they’re running a kind of online festival. Like E3 in your living room, kinda sorta? That means there’s 13 games on Steam that have demos you can play, but only for the next 48 hours!

SkateBIRD is one of them, just click “Play SkateBIRD demo”, yay! Also it’s a new level, it isn’t just the Kickstarter demo. Lots of new mechanics too. Click the in-demo button that shows you the Keyboard & Mouse bindings, and you’ll get a forum post where I ALSO explain how to play with some of the fun cheats. Once you’re in there, it’s tab-completion, so it’s pretty easy to navigate. I recommend playing with the time dilation at least, it feels very cool :3

The new level takes place in Big Friend’s office! Look at that list though, there’s other games too! I’m really excited to try Spiritfarer, and there’s System Shock too! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Anyways yeah. Figured you’d want to know!

Wishlisting the game on Steam helps us out a ton, so if you’re interested in cute birbs on skateboards:


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News skatebird demo festival
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