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SkateBIRD's OST is now on cassette tapes! and more!

SkateBIRD's OST is now on cassette tapes! and more!

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We worked with The YeTee to produce those kickass USB cassette tape mini-boxed editions for the backers, and as a result, we had, you know. Excess inventory. And people were asking if they could buy that. But we didn’t just wanna sell exactly the same thing we gave to backers, so BEHOLD:

cassette tapes with cool art and a game inside

We got actual audio cassettes with the game’s soundtrack on ’em, a special edition that includes a USB-key cassette tape thingy with game stuff on it, and even a t-shirt! Those are all available on The YeTee’s site, right here:

Or more specifically,

a t-shirt with cool bird skateboarding art

Just the audio tape is here:

Collector’s Bundle is here:

and the t-shirt is here (which is a pre-order):

Anyhoo, enjoy! Fun fact, the OST for SkateBIRD is so meaty that fitting it onto a single cassette almost didn’t happen. We had to hunt around for a somewhat obscure, very particular audio cassette that’s big enough to hold all the music. It still plays in regular cassette tapes, it’s just got more actual tape in it, so I expect these things will feel hefty, heh.


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