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SkateBIRD is OUT! It's done! Finally!

SkateBIRD is OUT! It's done! Finally!

News skatebird announce launch

That’s it, that’s the email. We are OUT ON ALL THE STORES.

You want a Steam copy? Bam:

You want an Itch copy? POOF:

You want an Xbox, Switch, or Luna copy? Er, you should really search us in the various platform stores for those. Like with Switch especially, we’re on 5 different eShops. Regional sales are weird. Oh and we’re on GamePass too!

Not much else to say really. It’s been a long road to get here, and a bunch of you probably supported us in various ways to help make that happen. So thanks a ton! We would absolutely not be here without our fans. It feels genuinely weird to type that. We have fans? Really? Judging by how stuff is going today, yes, so: neat!

Anyways, thanks all!

Oh and yeah there’s some spots that some people struggle with and such, and yeah we’re working on a patch already. Let us know on Discord if you hit hurdles, we can probably help you get past it.


SkateBIRD Spoopy Combo
News skatebird announce
Wanna try SkateBIRD? We put out a public alpha demo!
News skatebird demo announce
SkateBIRD is announced!
News skatebird announce
SkateBIRD's launch is delaying to September 16
News skatebird delay
SkateBIRD demo is up for the last time!
News skatebird demo festival
There's a SkateBIRD demo up on Steam! Give it a try!
News skatebird demo festival