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Hot Tin Roof IS HAPPENING! We hit our goal! SO FREAKING EXCITED!

Hot Tin Roof IS HAPPENING! We hit our goal! SO FREAKING EXCITED!

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Awesome news today… WE FUNDED! HOT TIN ROOF IS HAPPENING! YES! If the emotion doesn’t translate through text properly, here is what I’m feeling encapsulated in an animated gif meme:

The big shift is that now we can accept PayPal, which should help a bunch of folks that don’t have credit cards. There’s a new link on the top Kickstarter itself - - which points to the game’s page, which has some Humble Store widgets.

We’re also going to put some instructions in there for how to get a Backstage Pass if you’re pre-ordering through the Humble Store… basically, you buy the “Deluxe Edition”, but use that little “+” button to pay $50 instead of $25, and send me an email so that I notice - and then I add you to the list, boom, you’re in the list after the KS is done, same as if you backed at the $50 tier.

Clearly, our eyes are now on trying to hit some of those stretch goals. We’ve still got 5 days left to go, so it could definitely happen. I’m still hoping for the $40k goal, which is a bit of a stretch, but the $30k one for Chinatown? I think we can actually hit that easily, depending.


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