About Us

Glass Bottom Games LLC is a Denver-based independent developer of video games for desktop and mobile devices. It was founded by industry veterans in 2011, with Lisa Foster on production, Megan Fox on tech, and Dennis Dryden on art. Our focus? We create exciting, new player-centric worlds where interactivity, exploration, and choice matter. These days, we’re kind of a loosely knit collaborative group. Only a few of us are full-time, and some of us have ventures going outside of Glass Bottom Games. We come together as project scope and our interests coincide.

Glass Bottom Games is fully licensed for development on Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo platforms.

The Team

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Megan Fox

Founder, Programmer, Designer, Business, PR (twitter)

Megan has been coding since she was 11, and holds a Bachelor’s of Mathematics. Her first job in the games industry was with Idyllon, a startup founded by Stuart Compton (Lead Artist on Everquest 2) and Brian Quinette, and after that she moved on to NetDevil. She worked with the fine folks there to ship LEGO Universe, and eventually ended up at LEGO Play Well Studios. Around that point, she and a few friends thought: “Hey, we’ve been around. Maybe we could do this on our own too.” She plays Capoeira, amongst other things, and Ultima 7’s one of her favorite games of all time.

30Fifty Design

3D Artists (site)

30Fifty Design is the two man art powerhouse, run by Will Lieberman and Ellory Gillis-McGinnis, from whom we get all our 3D (and even some 2D) art on Hot Tin Roof. They’re pretty dang awesome. These are the two that slap Megan’s hands away if she ever gets to thinking she’s an artist, post-Jones On Fire.

Folmer Kelly

Concept / Promotional / 2D Artist (site)

Folmer is our fantastic 2D artist. He’s the one that did the Jones On Fire splash/logo, and he’s done all of our fancy Hot Tin Roof concept art. He’s also the right brain half of the two man duo Sets And Settings.

Nathan Madsen

Musician, Audio Guru (site)

Nathan is our classically trained musician and audio tech dude, not to mention a generally swell guy. He handles when our machines need to go *BING*. He works under the banner of Madsen Studios.

Michael Nielsen

Musician, Designer

Michael Nielsen is our chip-focused musician, and a budding designer. He’s the one responsible for Jones Wub Wub, and many of our other chip’y tracks. Some of his design work can be seen in Hot Tin Roof.

Blake Parsons


Blake Parsons is our animator. He makes our boxes jiggle in the pleasing fashion everyone’s come to expect from us. He is the master of squash, stretch, and a bunch of other artistic skills that go into making sentient cubes seem alive.

Contracts and Consulting

We’re not the kind of studio you hire for Dora The Explorer games, but we will take on projects that suit our passions. So, if you have a project in mind that you figure would play to our strengths, or an IP you think we’d go bananas for? Shoot an email to business AT glassbottomgames. Let’s talk!

We’re also open to consultancy. We’ve run strong Kickstarter and press campaigns, have a lengthy background in rendering tech, multiple titles under our belt, experience with community building and outreach, etc. If you need to bring us in to get another perspective on something, also email business AT glassbottomgames.

(also, many of us actually kind of like Dora The Explorer, especially for its impact on young girls, but hey, you know what we mean)

Content-Use Permissions (ie. We Love Youtubers)

Glass Bottom Games hereby grants general permission, for all our games, for use of in-game audio and video on Youtube and similar services, including ad-supported channels/videos. You LP’ers and the like rock the house! The creator of the video may use in-game audio and video for as many videos as desired. We’d appreciate it if you’d include a link back to us or the applicable online store selling the title involved, but basically, go hog wild. If you need uncut audio or full-res versions of video we’ve released to further this end, just give us a shout.