We’ve got a spot of work

We’re hard at work on our game, The Savage Garden, which we’ll be entering into the IGF on October 17th by the way (wish us luck!)… but while we do that, we’ve also got a spot of business on the side.  We’re working with some folks over at CU Boulder to create a web game designed to increase the engagement of students with primary sources, and we’re hinging the whole thing off of submissions to Wikipedia.

So, students and random folks get a better sense of where the data they browse on Wikipedia comes  from (thanks to WikiSource), and Wikipedia gets more accurate articles covering more primary sources and with better links to said sources.  The students then get leaderboards and achievements and fun stuff to brag about over social media, and they can say they’re actually doing coursework as they brag.  Even random wikipedians get another place to congregate, and show off how awesome they are and how much really useful knowledge they’ve helped propagate into the wide world.  Wins all around!

We submit the final deliverables at the end of July, so with any luck, we’ll be able to point everyone to the completed game within a month or two – and then we’ll have that first game under our belts as a studio.  Huzzah!


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