So what’s next?

Hot Tin Roof is out! It’s on Steam, GoG, Humble – everywhere! And it’s doing well. So what’s next?

What’s next: Spartan Fist
What is it: a secret (for now) :3

You’re not going to see a lot of site updates for a while, since we’re hard at work on the next game. Somewhere in there, we’ll probably do an overhaul of this site, so that the front-page doesn’t sit there looking boring and un-updated.

We’re not talking much about Spartan Fist for now, except to say that it’s about punching dudes so hard they explode. First-person melee brawler, procedural world generation, hitting sometime in 2016. We’re using¬†Unreal Engine 4, if you were curious. We’ll talk more about it when we have more to talk about.

So until then… :D


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