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GRAVITAZ. A high-speed game of combat racing. Pilots fly jet-propelled hover vehicles (known as “Spinners”), hoping for fame and glory on the bleeding-edge, rough-and-tumble tracks of the world’s first antigrav racing league.


GRAVITAZ was a project we’d built up for Kickstarter. We launched it (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/954522547/gravitaz), and though we did get a lot of interest, it was ultimately insufficient to fund. As such, we’ve pushed GRAVITAZ back to hobby status. Dennis will continue working on it in his evenings and weekends, but you won’t be seeing it as a Glass Bottom Games product.


  • Coming to PC/Mac/Linux downloadable marketplaces (and iPhone/iPad, depending on funding level).
  • Rather than a missile that stops opponents dead in front of you, how about a weapon that shoves them out of the way? One that slings you ahead of people? A power-up that lets you bull through a crowd, knocking everyone back without hurting your standing? Weapons are strategic, with a real sense of risk and reward.
  • We're going to widen the tracks back out, and work on giving players a sense of choice and risk in the paths they choose. We're also looking at adding shortcuts back to the genre: tactically advantageous side paths that you may or may not want to run depending on your skill level.
  • GRAVITAZ aims for a grittier, “real world” feel that evokes a motorsport in its early days.

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About Glass Bottom Games

Glass Bottom Games LLC is a Denver-based independent developer of video games for desktop and mobile devices. It was founded by industry veterans in 2011, with Lisa Foster on production, Megan Fox on tech, and Dennis Dryden on art. Our focus? We create exciting, new player-centric worlds where interactivity, exploration, and choice matter. These days, we’re kind of a loosely knit collaborative group. Only a few of us are full-time, and some of us have ventures going outside of Glass Bottom Games. We come together as project scope and our interests coincide.

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Gravitaz Credits

Adam Adamowicz
Additional Concept Art

Brian Bearly
Track/Racing/Weapons Designer

Dennis Dryden
Art and Design Lead, Modeling, Animation, Texturing

Megan Fox
Business, Programming

Diego Link
Additional Programming

Nathan Madsen
Lead Music/Sound Design

Brad White
Additional Modelling, Animation, Texturing


Megan Fox

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