Next up: Asha

Our next project is sort of new, sort of old. If you remember The Savage Garden, the prototype we put out for IGF last year? Well, we’re still working on that, but with a twist. First, we’ve re-badged it as just “Asha” – the old title was overly cerebral and high-concept and… nah, “Asha” is better. Second, instead of spending every cent we’ve got on one big title, we’ll instead be doing it as a series of smaller games building up to a bigger game. That way, we can build the world up in parts, and by the time we get to the big game, we’ll already have a somewhat developed character. It’s a less plot dump’y and more minimalist tack on building up a world, which I dig.

The first game in the series is aimed at iOS and possibly PC, and it’s called “Asha Runs.” It’s a runner/platformer, built on new tech, designed more or less to prove out the very core of the Asha gameplay experience (running, jumping, moving about in a 3D side-scrolling world), and it should be done in 2-4 months. If you remember, again, The Savage Garden, and the tech we were running there? Where it was side-scrolling, but the side-scrolling plane wasn’t fixed, and it could branch? That tech was awesome, but inherently flawed in how we’d done it for prototype. What we’ve done with Asha is thrown it (and UDK) out the window, and then applied those lessons to version 2.0 of the tech, now running in Unity 3D. v2.0 is a beautiful, inherently sexy thing to behold (well for programmers at least), and you’ll be seeing videos of it over the next few weeks, as I iron out the last few niggles.

Also, note that we’ve back-burnered A Game About Knitting for a while. It was an experiment that didn’t quite congeal. It is by no means completely dead, it just wasn’t really “there” – we’ll probably revisit it once we’ve finished a few other games, or we’ll at least release what we’ve got just for feedback.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for updates relating to Asha, and the direction we’re taking both Asha Runs and the series overall.


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