Happy holidays with art!

Lately, I’ve been working on a lot of stuff for Jones On Fire – the mission system is more or less finished, there’s a new multiple-lives system in place, etc – which the testers have been burning through nicely. The thing that shows the best, though, is the new art. Check this out:

That’s the new decoration set for the Forest zone, working in a live, real, generated map. I still need to finish the rest of the terrain chunks out to look that good, but that’s the visual level that the forest is now at. I’m pretty darn happy with it, and it brings everything up to the bar of polish/cuteness that the characters and obstructions set. I’ll be finishing out the rest of the forest to that standard over the holidays, replacing the horrible pink firehouse with a real one, etc, and then… well, the game will be just about ready for prime-time.

Can you say January release? Because I can. I just did, in fact. Here, I’ll say it again: January. Release.

Happy holidays everybody!


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