Game Jam’y Dodgers

From the title, you can guess this involves the concepts of Game Jam and dodging.  Perhaps dodging… away from current plans to others, or changes in heading as a studio.  Oh I don’t know, how often do you get to make a Jammie Dodgers pun?

Anyways!  In the 48 hours of Global Game Jam, we finished something, and we called the something Spira Solaris:

(the quick teaser movie)

… and it came out pretty neat.  Super unpolished of course, with questionable color scheme and everything else, but – neat.  So neat, and we had so much fun working on it, that we’re thinking of running with it and making it into a proper game.  In fact, the Global Game Jam was a bit of a turning point for the studio overall, and gave us some really big ideas, but – we’ll discuss that later.  For now, try the game, and tell us what you think (and remember, this was made over just 48 hours so, yeah, there are some definite rough edges).


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