Denver ComiCon rocked

Yesterday, I did two panel discussions at the Denver ComiCon – one on jobs in the industry, and one about indie game dev – and it was fantastic fun. Met a bunch of people, answered a bunch of questions, and mostly avoided potty humor. The big takeaways were the usual: anyone can make games, school is important if you want to get into AAA (but it needn’t be a trade school), portfolio is the most important component of getting a job, and you have to be self-motivated and never give up. Then there was some indie talk about the place of narrative in indie games, opportunities in the current market, and whether or not indie games could eventually rival what we think of as AAA quality. We also talked about the collapse of AAA into mobile/indie, a bit on crowd funding, and listed off some decent engine choices for those wanting to get into making games.

Those were, by the way: Unity 3D, Stencyl, Unreal Development Kit, Flixel (and its partially supported iOS library), Corona SDK, and Cocos 2D.

To those of you that were there, and are now finding the website – hi! This is how you looked in the audience, if you were curious:


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